Riff Route

Riff Route

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A myriad fish wiggle in the ocean, and you are part of a large school of tropical fish trying to find shelter on a reef. You are helping the small fish travel on their chosen route to the reef where they can stay safe from predators.Reef Route is a fun and thrilling game full of surprises and exciting challenges all the way until the players reach their final destination!&mdashdescription from the publisherGOAL OF THE GAMEThe goal is to reach with its small fish reef safe and stay there until it no longer remains any small fish on board.MECHANISMUsing the dice, do move the small fish or large predators towards each other. Warning, you will make progress sometimes the fish of your opponents. Be the first to cross the reef!&mdashuser summaryAlgemeenAantal spelers: 2-4Speelduur: 15 min.Leeftijd: 5+

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